Levy Meidan & Co. successfully represents Keter Publishing House in the merger of all of its operations with Modan Publishing House.

Keter Publishing House in the merger

After a lengthy procedure that begun in March 2016, the Antitrust Authority approved on Sunday (August 14, 2016) the sale of all of Keter Publishing House’s operations to Modan Publishing House. The approval process included exceptional proceedings, such as gathering of information from third parties and thorough examinations conducted by the Antitrust Authority, inter alia, taking into account Keter and Modan being two of the largest publishers in the field of wholesale and distribution of books in Israel and Modan’s holdings in “Tzomet Sfarim” which is one of the largest bookstore chains in Israel.

Although initially the Antitrust Authority considered the rejection of the request for approval or alternatively the approval thereof with conditions, after several herrings on the matter, the merger was approved unconditionally.

The value of the merger is estimated at NIS 26.5 Million.

Keter was represented by Levy Median & Co.’s Managing Partner Adv. Joseph Levy and by Adv. Asaf Shubinsky, Partner.

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