LM has a highly professional Employment and Labor department that specializes in the private and public work relations as well as contractual relations and unionized workplaces.

The department advises with respect to various work relations issues to monopolies, retail chains and a wide variety of companies and organizations from all spheres (in both the private and the public sector) – including communications, food and beverages, military & security, hi-tech and infrastructure. The department specializes in developing “tailor made” internal policies to large workplaces in order to improve the management of termination and hearing procedures, privacy, disciplinary anti-sexual harassment as well as many other issues.


The firm’s Employment and Labor Law department is headed by Adv. Reut Shemer Begas, one of the leading experts in the field in Israel who has a phd (pending) from the Hebrew University. Reut Shemer Begas assisted the President of the Israeli Labor Court, Judge Steve Adler and published numerous articles which are quoted in the Labor Courts rulings.

An additional member of the team is Adv.Yael Segal Machlis who has acquired extensive and unique expertise in advising large employers on issues such as equality, maternity leave, diversity, privacy, sexual harassment as well as day-to-day issues such as salaries, work-terms, terminations ect.

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