Yossi Levy & Co. offers challenging and exciting career opportunities for attorneys, legal professionals and interns. Combining hard work, intellectual challenge and a vibrant, informal atmosphere, the environment at Yossi Levy & Co. is designed to help each individual reach his or her full potential. We have built a teamwork-based culture that fosters excellence and professional advancement.

The people who work at Yossi Levy & Co. – partners, associates and support staff – are our most important assets, and we believe in providing an open “family-like” environment that fosters trust, teamwork and mutual respect. Our management philosophy is based on an “open door” policy to ensure direct communication among all levels in the company.

Our firm’s strength is rooted in a talented group of individuals that come from a diversity of backgrounds, interests, and personalities. Our people are more than just legal professionals, and we understand the need for balance between professional and personal lives. Life at Yossi Levy & Co. includes company outings (“nofesh”), social events and parties for employees and family.

We welcome inquiries from attorneys and students who are interested in learning more about employment opportunities at Yossi Levy & Co..

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Community Involvement
Since its establishment, Yossi Levy & Co. has embraced its responsibility to the community and encouraged involvement in charitable and other public service activities.

The firm represents the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization, the largest charitable foundation in Israel. In this capacity, we have been involved in the establishment of Beit HaLochem centers in Israel, where disabled soldiers can participate in a wide range of sports, rehabilitation and social activities. These centers house an auditorium, multipurpose gymnasium, classrooms, fitness rooms, swimming pool, occupational therapy unit, physical therapy unit, cafeteria, offices and a social wing.

Our representation of the IDF Disabled Veterans Organization includes a precedent-setting case which resulted in the cancellation of IDF regulations with respect to disability percentages, which were found to be discriminatory vis-a-vis other institutions.

In addition, the firm is a major supporter of democratic studies in Israel. Firm members have donated their time and money to the establishment and ongoing operations of the Democratic School in Kfar Saba, the first such school of its kind in Israel.