Yochai Meital

Yochai is part of the Tenders Department and the Commercial Department .

He handles tenders law, commercial law, mergers and acquisitions in addition to energy and infrastructure financing projects. Yochai specializes in handling all stages of the tender process, with an emphasis on tenders for transportation, construction, and complex infrastructure projects related to electricity and renewable energy, along with technology tenders and tenders for purchasing goods and receiving services.

As part of this activity, he regularly attends tender committees of public and defense bodies, assisting them in all stages of the competition proceedings, including drafting, preparing, and managing Israeli and international tenders. Yochai also provides counsel to private companies regarding tenders and competitive procurement procedures issued by various public and private bodies. He assists them in formulating a management strategy, preparing for the response to the tender in both its legal and commercial aspects, and conducting preliminary communications for the purpose of submitting contract drafting proposals and any related agreements, as well as providing legal opinions and handling negotiations.

Additionally, Yochai specializes in the field of project financing and tenders law, especially in relation to public and private sector partnership projects (PFI/ BOT). He advises clients on administrative and commercial law, including assisting the projects and any accompanying legal proceedings.

He provides legal services to clients in Israel and abroad in the fields of commercial and corporate law, including the drafting of various agreements, assisting in commercial transactions, and providing ongoing legal advice.

Before joining us, Yochai represented the State of Israel in the first light rail project in Jerusalem and the country as a whole. He advised the regulatory bodies that supervised the implementation of the concession agreement and the project execution and operation by the concessionaire. He also represented the State in the arbitration proceedings related to the project. Additionally, he provided counsel to the steering committee of the light rail project relating to international tenders for the project development. Yochai advised and assisted various government bodies and private entities in the competitive procurement proceedings.
Since he joined Yossi Levy & Co., Yochai represented the Procurement Manager of the Ministry of Defense in competitive procurement proceedings, as well as the partnership of Electra Solel Bone – Pumped Storage Gilboa in its project for the construction of the pumped storage power plant in Gilboa.

Yochai is a certified mediator, emeritus president of the youth community of the Yeshurun Synagogue in Jerusalem, and a former member of its board of directors. In the past, he served as a teaching assistant at the Hebrew University Law School. As a law student, Yochai volunteered for the “Yedid” organization helping at-risk youth within the framework of the “Street Law” legal clinic.






LL.B, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2009.
B.A. in sociology and anthropology (magna cum laude), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2004