Labor Law

Yossi Levy & Co. deals with all aspects of personal and collective labor law and has extensive experience in representing both employers and employees. We represent employers and employees in hearings, mediation and arbitration, and all types of proceedings within the framework of labor law, including collective bargaining, class action suits, and injunctions. We assist employers in international corporations with overseas offices on labor related issues and draft employment contracts and mobility contracts for employees on relocation.

Additionally, we specialize in assisting companies form internal regulations and in implementing corporate governance policies within the framework of labor law as a way of managing legal and image risks, as well as reducing the legal exposure of senior office holders and directors from civil and administrative proceedings, criminal sanctions, and class action suits.

We also advise companies on issues related to employing foreign workers and skilled laborers in accordance with Israel’s stringent regulations, as well as indirect employment of workers via contractor companies and employment service providers, including preparing contracts with indemnification and guarantee stipulations as a way to reduce exposure arising from the employment of contractor workers.

Representative Experience in Labor Law:
We advise and represent some of the largest and leading companies in the Israeli market, including Elco Holdings and Electra Consumer Products, the Ya’acobi Brothers Group (YSB), Amal 1, Malam Team, and various Israeli government agencies.

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