Class Action Suits

The Yossi Levy & Co. law firm is one of Israel’s leading law firms in handling class action suits. The firm has gained unprecedented experience in class action suits both in assisting and representing companies that are defendants in these proceedings, as well as representing the plaintiffs. Since the Class Actions Law came into force, our firm has represented hundreds of class action proceedings against leading companies and statutory authorities against whom these suits have been filed.

Representative Experience in Class Action Suits:
The firm has represented General Electric, LG Chem, Electra Consumer Products , the Israel Airports Authority, Electra Group, Partner Communications, Netivei Israel (Israel’s National Transport Infrastructure Company), Elco Media, Cornish, and others.

It is noteworthy that Adv. Aviel Flint, the co-head of the Litigation Department, wrote the leading textbook in the field of Class Action Suits in Israel, which is frequently cited by the courts, including the Supreme Court.

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