Yossi Levy & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms in the field of litigation. We specialize in providing representation in complex litigation cases in the fields of administrative and tenders law, as well as managing administrative petitions, complex commercial disputes, and class action suits. We also handle litigation in the field of antitrust and competition law and conduct proceedings dealing with consumer law, communications law, and other complex matters.

Assaf Shubinsky and Aviel Flint head the Litigation Department.

Representative Experience in Complex Administrative and Commercial Litigation:
We represent large international corporations in complex claims worth billions of shekels including the Alstom Group, LG, General Electric, Bombardier, and other large companies. Additionally, we regularly represent leading Israeli public and private corporations in complex commercial proceedings worth hundreds of millions of shekels. We also provide ongoing representation to government and statutory companies, including the Israel Ports Company, the Israel Airports Authority, Netivei Israel, Israel Railways, and other public bodies, in proceedings regarding administrative petitions.
We have represented public and private bodies in administrative petitions that were submitted in tenders proceedings, published in recent years in the State of Israel, including seaport construction in Haifa and Ashdod, the construction of the railroad track to Eilat, the Ben Gurion 2000 project, the Timna airport project, desalination plant projects, power stations, and more projects worth hundreds of millions of shekels.

Additionally, our firm provides ongoing representation concerning complex and extensive commercial litigation cases for clients such as Elco Electra, Partner Communications, Magalcom, Shikun & Binui, Kornish, the Ya’acobi Brothers Group (YSB), and many others.

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